On October 8, Beijing time, the media person Ma Dexing published a report, talking about the new atmosphere of the improvement of the language skills of the national football coaches and players.


Media person Ma Dexing said in the report that there are two British coaches in the National Football League. After Manchester United and Liverpool defeated, the team also discussed the topic of "double red". When many international footballers saw the two assistants, they said hello. , Is talking about the fiasco of the "two heroes", the goalkeeper Dong Chunyu even talked to Lamb directly in English in the elevator. Zhang Yuning, who has studied abroad for many years, also has outstanding English ability, which also allows him to communicate fluently with Li Ke and Jiang Guangtai. Compared with many old national players in the old national team, the English is basically "zero", which is actually a significant improvement.


On the other hand, since there are many naturalized players from Brazil in the Chinese team, and Wei Shihao, Yu Dabao and others have studied abroad in Portugal, the two naturalized players Exon and Fernando are more likely to compete with Yu. Dabao and Wei Shihao walk or stay together because there is no barrier to language communication.


In addition, the national football coach Li Tie has studied abroad in the UK, and the physical coach Xue Shen also went to the United States at his own expense. Ma Dexing believes that for young Chinese coaches who are proficient in at least one foreign language, they can truly understand and understand better. The connotation of modern football, I am afraid this has become a minimum condition and requirement.


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